LAB-SCHOOL of Economy of Communion for Young People

About the EoC Lab School

4th – 8th  September 2016 – Loppiano (Tuscany)  Italy

Let partecipate to the international laboratory-school of Economy of Communion for young people!
5 intensive days where you will find: 

  • EoC-FULL IMMERSION: A deeper understanding of Economy of Communion cultural proposal and  its management style; of EoC point of view and action about poverty; of the challenges of the sustainable development, in the communion perspective.
  • eoc-school-sao-paolo-2015_22341663199_oCOMMUNION-LAB: An experience of crowd-creation in communion; giving speech to  your talents, creativity and values, you will discover new ways of working with others.
  • COMMUNICATION TOOLS: Experts’ interventions and workshops, that will help you to improve your communication strategies and to multiplying the impact of positive actions and messages.
  • INSPIRATION: You will meet people with big dreams, which are putting effort into making them reality, like you; you will listen to many innovative experiences, from different fields. 

Why a Lab-School?

20989183626_da40d90edc_oEconomy of Communion has already organized nine Summer Schools, since 2011, all around the world.
This will be the first EoC international LAB-School. Why is it different? This year, EoC is celebrating its 25° anniversary. After all these years, we already have a wide background of experiences, good practices, projects and cultural development. We want to have a look to our story, with our eyes to the future: we will find, with a collective-creation process, new ways to communicate its originality.

Let’s rediscover together EoC’s innovation for today’s world, and let’s communicate it to everybody.


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