LAB-SCHOOL of Economy of Communion for Young People

About the EoC Lab School

4th – 8th  September 2016 – Loppiano (Tuscany)  Italy

How to communicate the EoC values efficiently? Finding out about this was the main objective of the EoC Lab-School 2016

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The first Lab-School of economy of communion started on 4th until 8th September at Lionello Bonfanti Business Park in Loppiano (Italy). The goal and challenge of this school entitled “Let the world know” was to understand and build a way of communicating the EoC and its principles to the entire world, 25 years from the start of the project.

We were more than 40 people coming from 12 countries and 4 continents (Italy, France, Slovakia, Croatia, Argentina, the Philippines, Brazil, Spain, Ecuador, Belgium, Austria and Burundi) and group that make the school online from Cameroon.

img_20160904_121458Five days of school and lab that saw a number of presentations by professors, entrepreneurs and experts. We had a full immertion in Economy of communion and  in the world of communication, which gave all of us a lot of inspiration and tools to work on the ways to communicate the EoC values and life in the entire world.

Besides the experiences of the entrepreneurs and the lessons on communication, some similar experiences, like that of Slowfood and the initiatives of Slotmob in Italy have been presented.

We said good-bye to each other with our heart full of gratitude for all that we have received during these days from the professors, from all those who made a contribution, from the exchanges among each other, but also from the organising team that had to perform a task they had never had before. At the same time, it has been clear to us that – given the importance of the communicatiimg_20160905_170503onal challenge – our brainstorm could not be over with the end of the school. In fact we have taken up the task of continuing our work after these days spent together, when we return to our respective home countries. We thought of trying to do some concrete work in groups and continuing with our projects of visual storytelling, the EoC’s website and the EoC’s branding.

We see this as a way of applying all we have learnt during these intense and enriching days and putting it into the EoC’s service in different parts of the world.

Economy of Communion has already organized nine Summer Schools, since 2011, all around the world. This was the first EoC international LAB-School. Why was it different? This year, EoC is celebrating its 25° anniversary. After all these years, we already have a wide background of experiences, good practices, projects and cultural development. We want to have a look to our story, with our eyes to the future: we will find, with a collective-creation process, new ways to communicate its originality.


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